Currennt affairs

Our next trip to Mozambique is coming within a few weeks ! During this visit we will br drilling a water well in Chizavane.

Support the Charity

We are asking and encouraging you to support the activities of our NGO:


2) You can also make a donation via a wire transfer to our bank account:

SWIFT CITIPLPX, 42 1030 0019 0109 8530 0027 4750 (Citibank Handlowy)

Name: International Help Network

Address: ul. Rumby 2, 02-830 Warszawa

Title: „Mozambique + (project number from the list below)"  or „Donation for the statute activities of the Charity” + your email address

Project No 1 – Drilling a water well in Chizavane

Project No 2 – Providing medical aids to prevent and cure malaria
                           (malaria detection tests, medicine, mosquito nets, etc.)

Project No 4 - Education - supporting local preschools and Portuguese classes.

Project No 4 – Agricultural development and animal breeding


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