Currennt affairs

Our next trip to Mozambique is coming within a few weeks ! During this visit we will br drilling a water well in Chizavane.

Curent affairs

We're counting down the days to our departure for Mozambique.

This time we'll be drilling a water well in the village of Chizavane in Gaza province.

We need to collect 7500 USD / 7000 EUR to complete this project.

The new well will provide fresh water to hundreds or even thousands of adults and children in the community. They need our help. 

You can support this project by clicking the orange banner "Support Our Charity"

Together we can make it happen !!!

Thats where the new well will appear !

During our last visit we were able to bring a shipment of medicine and tests for malaria, we visited our school

of English in Catembe, we helped buying seed for crops for our two villages. 

We also inspected our wells that keep providing a lot of good fresh water. 

Take a look at this very inspiring and informative video.

Warsaw, 12th Sept. 2013

Our foundation was invited to participate in an event organized by La Vinoteque and Fashion Designers Group. It will take place on the 12th Sept. 2013 in Warsaw.

During the event we will have a chance to make a presentation about our charitable activity. One of the men who will be a part of it on our side will be our friend Mieczyslaw Szczesniak. Because the main organizer of the event is our befriended company La Vinoteque and Fashion Designers Group, the event will attract many well-known personas from the business world, fashion industry and media circles.  During the event we will have a collection of funds which will be destined to build a medical point for the village Tetene in Mozambique, where our organization is involved in caregiving.

The Spring 2013

We have started the 1st semester of teaching the English Language to the children in the village of Catembe.

The official language in Mozambique is Portugese. W Mozambiku językiem urzędowym jest Portugalski. Knowledge of the English language gives young people a chance to find a better job and to continue their education. The pupils were supplied with course books and other school materials. This is what we are also planning to do in the village of Tetene in the Gaza region. 

Flood in Mozambique, 26.01.2013

Floods in the provonce of Xai Xai. About 80 000 people do not have a shelter and they live in the tree tops or on the roofs of buildings. In this region there is our village - Tetene -  that we have been helping for the past few years. 

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April 2012

At the end of April we are heading for Mozambique once again. During this visit we would like to prepare for putting up a school building. As each time before we are taking all what is necessary to help the local people fight malaria.

March 2012

Because of a tropical typhoon that came across the Province of Gaza in Mozambique a few weeks ago a lot of buildings were destroyed. Unfortunately in Tetene damage is big as well - the church building was destroyed along with many other buildings.

Church building

January 2011

Tetene village has its own water well!

Due to your help several hundred people has access to clean water.

We were able to get the medicine: Coartem Dispersible. It is the only drug that can be administered to children and infants.


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