Currennt affairs

Our next trip to Mozambique is coming within a few weeks ! During this visit we will br drilling a water well in Chizavane.

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Our values

· Thriftness – we are managing the financial and other resources entrusted to us in an optimal and most effective way, according to their allocation.

· Transparency – Our Charity - IHN - applies principles of financial transparency as well as disclosure and opennes in making decisions.

· Integrity – all resources entrusted to us are allocated to a specific purpose to which they were given.

· Loyalty – all members of our Charity and all volunteers act according goals and values of the Charity and with all heart and competence engage in given projects. 

· Safety – all operations and trips are run at the highest level of security, backed up by proper training, equipped with medical supplies, in contact with embassies of given countries, and availability of people trained in administering first aid. 

· Education – we want to teach the local people to wisely and responsibly manage all investments we do in Africa. 


Our partners