Currennt affairs

Our next trip to Mozambique is coming within a few weeks ! During this visit we will br drilling a water well in Chizavane.

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IHN Charity 

Relationships, Friendship, Helping others - our charity (We help Africa - International Help Network) grew out of these values. The unconditional need to help others who are significantly poorer - families and children on the south african continent for whom a cup of water or a handful of rise equals to living a good life. Even with the smallest gift we can save human life. Let us help!


- we confess a philosophy of low costs (e.g. we finanse our flights on our private bugdets) and thus the majority of the money we gather (more than 70%) goes directly to the projects we do;

- we work on volunary formula - none of us or our friends and co-workers is employed in the charity. We all offer work in our free time and because of that we do not burden the charity with fixed personal costs;

- we are a group of friends - enthusiasts who decided to help children in the third world countries, the ones who need it most and who cannot count for help even from their parents. 


Our partners