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Our next trip to Mozambique is coming within a few weeks ! During this visit we will br drilling a water well in Chizavane.

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The overriding objective of our Charity, which derives from our statute, is practical help in the countries around the world, among others in Africa and specificly in Mozambique, where there is huge poverty, hunger, low level of education, high death ratio due to mosquito transferred disease - malaria. 

We concentrate our activities in the three areas:

Preventing and active fight with malaria €- every year we try to collect as much resources as only possible to buy malaria detecting tests and anti-malaria medicine (it is malaria that brings havoc to children and adults in Mozambique) - the price to save a human life is not really extortionate because the purchase of one test and one set of anti-malaria drugs is only about 30 PLN (10 USD). Thus with the sum of 3000 PLN (1000 USD) we can save 100 children!!!

Developing agriculture - for several years now we support local communities in in developing agriculture for own consumption purposes by purchasing seeds, plant seedlings, tools and providing them with access to fresh water - independently from the season of the year by digging wells in the fields. Hunger and malnutrition is a frequent problem in of people in Mozambique, and this is why we allocate for this purpose between 4000 PLN (1400 USD) and 8000 PLN (2700 USD). 

Schooling/teaching the English language - we believe that the practical education through teaching a foreign language to children is not only proper and faster developement but also better perspectives for the future nad that's why we have opened our first School of English in one of the villages - Catembe - and we plan to open next ones. The cost of one educational establishment (which equals teaching English to a group of circ. 50 children for one year) is an expense of 6000 PLN (2000 USD). 

Aid activities:

· building schools – developing education,

· digging wells – access to clean drinking water; irrigating fields for agriculture

· establishing medical aid points – doctor's care, medical help

· providing medical supplies,

· establishing animal breeding farms – teaching thriftness, providing jobs

· supplying clothes, food, etc. 


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